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Nova Nova was formed by Marc Durif and Michel Gravil in Rennes in 1993.

This is one of the pioneering groups of the French electronic scene, he began his career at the legendary label Rave-Age(France). First electronic music group from Rennes, the group was discovered by Jean-Louis Brossard, organizer of « Transmusicales » that program them as a festival in 1993. The echo of their performance reaches the ears of Eric Morand, who signed a few months later on F Communications - the label he founded himself with Laurent Garnier.

Nova Nova meets immediately the public's respect as one of the international specialized press, with rave reviews: NME, Mixmag, Melody Maker, Libération, Trax, Magic, Keyboard, Rock & Folk....

Nova Nova is characterized by its unique approach within the French electronic scene, an approach based mainly on the search for a synthesis between electronic music and harmony unique to early music. To follow in many concerts as the Aircraft Lille, Mad Lausanne, Paradiso Amsterdam to Rennes Ubu at Rex Club and the Zenith of Paris, on the ruins of the Holiday Inn Beirut or the thermal baths of Budapest at night. Many artists ask them to work with them, including Laurent Garnier, Stephan Eicher, Alan Stivell, or Philippe Pascal, Malcolm McLaren... Collaborating with Jori Hulkoneen (Finland), Ewan Pearson « MAAS » (England), Shazz, The Silent Poet (Japan), Peter HOOK (Joy Division/New Order)...

NovaNova is compiled to date more than sixty times, including the famous cafe del mar (n°3) by Jose Padilla.

Their discography consists of several EP and three albums, « Zarathoustra », « La Chanson De Roland », recorded in a chapel in Rennes with the English singer Elisa Carrahar. Michel Gravil left the band after the release of his first album in 2000.

A third album, Memories (best of mid-, mid-novel), was released in 2004. At that time, Marc Durif spent some time in Budapest on the road and share with the band « Beshodrom » for a series of concerts across Europe - a traditional group who reminds him that everyone has his roots,itself who lived his early childhood in Tahiti. It is that Budapest draft of what would become 'Prisoner's Song', with the singular voice of Marta Sebestyen found on the very heterogeneous Patchwork EP (Atal Music). A longer version of this piece appears in one of the Hotel Costes by Stephane Pompougnac. Between 2008 and 2010, Nova Nova released three EP on the label Atal Music: 1901 (2008), Patchwork (2009), Prisoner's Song (2010).

The fourth EP for Atal Music Nova Nova, entitled « Low Ends », is the result of unexpected encounters with Malcolm McLaren at first and then Peter HOOK (Joy Division/New Order)

A new album will come out soon, beginning of 2016

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